Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why women donate eggs to help infertile couples

Women who choose to donate eggs to help infertile couples become aware of the procedure after going through a psychological counselling done by the egg donation agencies.

According to a new study, woman who acts as an egg donor felt a sense of pride in helping an infertile couple, who otherwise would not have been able to conceive by themselves. Two-thirds of women who donated eggs reported satisfaction with the process, the study found.

The process of egg donation is primarily operated by the egg donor agencies in India. To get an idea of what the egg donation process is like for a woman in India, the experts believe infertility is a growing concern mainly in urban cities and many college going student girls come forward to donate their eggs in order to help prospective parents.

Infertile women who receive donor eggs
There can be many reasons for women who are infertile as infertility is a complex disorder. Some women were born without ovaries or had their ovaries surgically removed or went through menopause at an early age. A lot number of women are able to carry a pregnancy without having any difficulty if they receive eggs from another woman.

In some specific cases, there are healthy women who are carriers of serious genetic conditions that could be passed on to their children if they conceive by using their own eggs. These women are in need of an egg from a woman who is not a carrier of an inherited disease, and with the help of fertility specialist, the risk of passing the disease to their children is eliminated.

In addition, there are also patients who require donated eggs as they have the poor egg quality. Some women have diminished number of eggs or poorer egg quality during previous attempts at in vitro fertilization. Many of these women have crossed 30s or in early 40s; some have a history of endometriosis, a condition that can cause infertility. Their chances for pregnancy are considerably improved if they receive eggs donated by a healthy and younger individual who is not infertile.

The egg donation process and egg donor eligibility in India is quite a simple procedure, and is unlike IVF procedure.  Donated eggs are fertilized in a laboratory dish with the recipient's partner's sperm.
If you are a healthy woman aged 21 to 30, you can help anonymously by becoming an egg donor to a qualified infertile couple. All donations are strictly confidential as per the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines.

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