Monday, 8 February 2016

Egg Donors Provide Gift to Couple Wanting to Have a Baby

In this Post, we will share you with the details about the egg donor profiles and what they say about becoming an egg donor for someone to complete a family. The 25-year-old college student, identified by her anonymous donor name Lisa, is ready to take fertility shots and pills to ensure the fertility of her egg, which will be surgically retrieved after her fertility cycle ends.

Lisa who is enthusiastic to become an egg donor, for the first time said, "I think, it is indeed one of the great decisions that I have taken.  I have eggs that are fertile why not help a couple that really has the desire to want a child." Lisa said that while she helps a couple out, she can also make money for college. “By this thing, I will also be able to complete my studies after receiving a good compensation out of it.”

Like Lisa, there are hundreds of girls who are eager to donate their eggs to build someone else’s dream of having a family. Another donor, who is not authorized to speak because of the guidelines issued by the ICMR, says she had signed a contract with an egg donor agency delhi, for becoming a donor and the process of taking fertility drugs has already been started.

Seed ART Bank, the largest egg donation agency in India makes the process entirely anonymous, where a couple or child will not be able to contact the egg donor or vice versa. "I'm doing it because I want to give someone that gift; it's something I'm not going to retrieve later. It's not mine; it was a gift to give away," Sunanda explained. "I really hope that that family enjoys it as much as I know my mom has enjoyed my siblings and me. It's not something I would want to take back or regret. This is a choice and I'm happy to be a part of it."

At Seed ART Bank, we believe in helping our future parents, egg donors and surrogates through every step of the process. We fully understand that having a family through egg donation can be a serious matter so the privacy of all parties is kept confidential and held in the strictest confidence. Our agency approaches all aspects of fertility with sensitivity, respect and dignity and is committed to the success of our clients.

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