Monday, 7 September 2015

What is the importance of a successful pregnancy for becoming a surrogate?

For becoming a surrogate mother, a successful term pregnancy is must. In other words, it can be said, to be surrogate you must have had given birth before. Women who want to help childless couples become surrogates for a wide variety of reasons.

It is important to know the entire process of surrogacy before deciding to attain a surrogacy journey. Surrogacy as is being said is a life-changing decision. One of the first things prospective surrogates will look up are the basic surrogate requirements before applying. Some of these are set by the Seed ART bank in accordance with the guidelines of ICMR. The Indian Council of Medical Research the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, has issued several guidelines about the assisted reproductive technologies for the welfare of surrogate mothers.  Among these guidelines Seed ART Bank strictly adheres to their requirements, one of which is that a woman must have had one successful child birth prior to being a surrogate.

While surrogacy is often described as a journey, a successful pregnancy is a journey in itself. Some women find it interesting for pregnancy to change the body with having little trouble for carrying the child for someone. Many women are ready to meet the challenges dealing with hormone levels and uneasiness throughout the process. For becoming a surrogate mother, she has all the experience of what pregnancy, labor, and delivery entails.

Prospective parents come to Seed ART Bank because we want to build their family. Deciding on the path of surrogacy is many times the result of infertility. It is estimated that one in seven couples is affected by infertility, and it is equally a n issue with both the partners male as well as female. We also work with single individuals and same-sex couples who are in need of assisted reproduction to help build their family.

Most of the times couples are not aware about their fertility issues until they are trying to get pregnant. When couples are unable to conceive despite years of trying, they seek medical help. After rigorous evaluation at fertility clinic they come to know about the possibility of having a child or not.

Overall, ICMR guidelines are put into place to make sure our surrogate who wants to become a surrogate can knowingly say they are comfortable with the process and that they are positive of their decision to become a surrogate. Pregnancy history is one of the key factors in evaluating a potential surrogate for intended parents. While this guideline is set by the ICMR, we believe that it is necessary to be set forth for potential surrogates as it offers valuable information as to if a woman qualifies to be a surrogate. Our agency gives all the facilities to gestational surrogate mother India and we have been able to help prospective parents.

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