Thursday, 4 June 2015

Seed Art Bank - Who We Are

We are one of the leading independent surrogacy service providers and banks that supply oocytes/eggs in Delhi. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to infertile couples and fulfil their dream of having their own child and creating families. Egg donation is a relatively new way of bringing happiness to a childless couple as compared to sperm donation. Intended parents in these situations usually rely on outside assistance, which is that of using the egg of a donor for conception. An infertile woman uses oocytes (eggs) from a donor to fulfil her desire of becoming a mother. We are here to support and guide you with every step of life's most important journey from being a couple to being parents.

Also, we arrange for surrogate mothers and make sure that our clients are fully satisfied about the choice of the women who they think should bear their child. Going for surrogacy is a complex emotional and physical decision to arrive at. And our job is to provide our clients with the right opportunities and counselling before they take the plunge. We have helped many families in achieving parenthood through our extraordinary solutions and support services in surrogacy. Our organization and its professionals treat the intended parents/patients, staff, donors and surrogates with equal respect as we embark on the journey for successful parenthood.

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